Croatian Society of Lobbyists is commited to active promotion of professional lobbying as a serious and legitimate profession since the day it was founded. One of its main goals is education i.e. lobbyists’ training as well as informing interested parties about the profession.

Lobbysts’ seminars are a regular CSL activity in which Croatian interpreneurs and managers are educated in the field of economic lobbying and  interest advocacy in the governement bodies and institutions through constructive dialogue with a goal of achieving more transparency regarding making any political and business decisions. In all of these acitvities the Croatian Society of Lobbyists has full support from the European Comission. The lecturers and speakers are leading Croatian lobbyists acredited in Brussels and experts with international experience in the field of lobbying and public affairs. 

The topics of these seminars range from basic terms and definitions of lobbying in which it is explained how demanding and higly professional lobbyst’ profession really is, which is the key difference between lobbying and corruption, and also what are the basic conditions for performing the lobbyists’  business.

Strategic lobbying is the key tool of any serious company that wishes to maintain a good image and high business performance, and especially if it wishes to be influential and present in the places where the most important decisions are made. This is precisely why such seminars are of high importance. On such training sessions participants  adopt not only the theoretical knowledge but also see the applicable side of modern lobbying through various examples in the political and business praxis.

Given the wide network range of different social subjects that incorporate lobbyists activity, the demads of the profession are multidiscipinary and require management, politics and political system knowledge as well as some psychology and human etiquette knowledge.

Some of our previous  highly respected lecturers:

· Mate Granić, honorary president of CSL and the owner of the lobbyist company Magra d.o.o.

·         Bernard Jakelić, deputy CEO of the Croatian Employers’ Association

·         Marijan Kostrenčić, procurist and the owner of the company Intel d.o.o.

·         Dubravko Miholić, partner at Hauska and Partner

· Dubravka Sinčić Ćorić, Faculty of Economics and Business. University of Zagreb

·         Davor Štern, representative in the Zagreb City Assembly

·         Natko Vlahović, owner of the company Vlahović Group d.o.o.



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