Croatian Society of Lobbyists in 2013 published its first edition of magazine “The art of lobbying”. Magazine is a volunteer project of CSL in cooperation with students of Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Political Science and Faculty of Law on University of Zagreb with the professional support of executive operating company Taraban Lobi.

This initiative arose from the need for public awareness that lobbying is an indispensable part of the process of decision-making in democratic systems. The time is right for the demystification of the profession and breaking the stereotypes associated with lobbying. With this magazine, our wish is to inform and educate the public and promote the lobbying profession.

The magazine brings news from the region and the world, analysis and interviews with lobbyists and in future editions will elaborate topics such as methods and techniques of lobbying, education, lobbying associations, public advocacy of NGOs and grassroots campaigns.

The theme of our first edition was lobbying regulation, precisely because lobbying is still under-regulated and bind with negative connotations. This is a very actual question in Croatia, where a law on lobbying has not yet passed, unlike the other countries of the region such as Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia.

The magazine is published on an annual basis. Free copy of the first edition in Croatian, you can browse through here.



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