Croatian Society of Lobbyists – Association for Promotion of Transparent Advocacy (CSL) has introduced the draft of a Law on Public Advocacy to the Croatian Parliament in April 2015.

Law on Public Advocacy defines the following:

– mandatory registration for those who wish to influence public authorities

– access to registered interests via public register (available online)

– accreditation for interest representatives who may enter the Parliament and attend sessions

– sanctions for those who wish to influence policies and decisions of public authorities but do not want to register

Draft bill can be downloaded here.


Since 2014 CSL has held a series of meetings in order to familiarize interest groups with the draft:

14.10.2014. – Committee on the Constitution, Standing Orders and Political System, Peđa Grbin

22.10.2014. – AmCham – American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia, Ivan Vidaković

27.10.2014. – Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts, Dragutin Ranogajec

28.10.2014. –  European Affairs Comittee, Danijel Mondekar

29.10.2014. – Comittee on the Economy, Ivo Jelušić

6.11.2014. – Croatian Peasant Party, Branko Hrg

10.2.2015. – European Commission Representation in Croatia, Branko Baričević

12.2.2015. – Croatian Chamber of Economy, Luka Burilović

26.2.2015. – Foreign Policy Comittee, Milorad Pupovac

12.3.2015. – Legislation Comittee, Ingrid Antičević Marinović

8.6.2015. – Office for Cooperation with NGOs, Igor Vidačak

6.4.2016. – Speaker of the Parliament, Academician Željko Reiner

12.5.2016. – Deputy Prime Minister, Božo Petrov

Letters of support

All contacted entities have supported the adoption of the Law on Public Advocacy.

Letters of support can be found below:

Croatian Peasant Party

Committee on the Constitution, Standing Orders and Political System and European affairs comittee

Transparency International Croatia

Croatian Chamber of Economy

Croatian chamber of trades and crafts

AmCham- American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia

20.000 Leagues – Marine Explorers Society








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