Every year Croatian Society of Lobbyists organises an Annual conference which represents our main and central event. The aim of the conference is to strengthen lobbying profession as a legitimate activity and its role in social life and decision making, particularly decisions related to investments and Croatian regional development.

In one day event through a panel of lectures and round tables we accentuate an importance of regulation and transparency of lobbying as well as the necessity of constant education of professional lobbyists for accomplishing international competitiveness.

Our speakers and guests are respected domestic and international entrepreneurs, managers and lobbyists:

Mate Granić, first president of CSL,
Natko Vlahović, current president of CSL,
Dave Wenhold, one of the most respectable lobbyists in USA,
prof. dr. James Thurber, reputable professor and expert for lobbying regulation problems,
Kristian Schmidt, head of Cabinet of the Vice-President of the European Commission,
Siima Kallasa, Minister of Agriculture of Macedonia,
Aco Spasenoski,
Srećko Selanac, State Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture of Croatia,
James Wilson, executive of Ukraine Business Council in EU,
Slobodan Mikac, director of APIU,
Domagoj Ivan Milošević , Deputy Prime Minister of Investments in Croatia,
Marijan Kostrenčić, consultant at Intel d.o.o.,
Damir Kuštrak, president of HUP Croatia,
Ljubo Jurčić, Croatian economist and professor at Faculty of Economics in Zagreb,
Uwe Gregorius, President of Supervisory Board at REC d.d. ,
Don Markušić, President of Asia-Pacific Chamber of Commerce,
Milka Forcan, vice-president at Delta Holding Croatia,
Peter Hasslacher, board member at Advatage Austria,
Gordan Radin, executive vice-president at Agrokor Croatia,
Mihael Cigler, reputable Slovenian lobbyist,
Marijan Tanuševski, journalist, founder and manager of Macedonian Centre for lobbying,
Sani Ljubunčić, director at Agency for Export and Investment Promotion,
Dubravko Miholić, Managing Partner and Hauska & Partner; Vice President of Croatian exporters, and many others.


Focusing on importance and contribution of lobbying profession, this Conference is also an invite to all domestic and foreign investors for cooperation and creating a competitive community which will, with respecting the norms and laws, represent one of the agents of positive changes in front of the state bodies of the European Union. 

Below we bring you programs of our former annual conferences:

I. Conference program

II. Conference program

III. Conference program

IV. Conference program



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